Discipleship at FGC probably looks a little different than it would at other larger churches. 
As a smaller church we have the advantage of living and growing together in a more organic way, gathering together to study God’s Word, share meals, serve our community, and care for one another.
While discipleship looks less programatic at FGC, we believe that as God’s people sharpen one another through the normal ebbs and flows of life, guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit, his people grow in Christlikeness.


Outreach is extremely important to FGC. The annual budget includes at least seventeen percent of the total budget dedicated to outreach giving.
In addition, the church actively participates in Family Promise, a program that uses church facilities to house homeless families. The most recent building added to the church campus has been designed and outfitted to serve the dual purpose of classrooms and Family Promise housing.
The church also participates in a ministry to provide summer lunches to underprivileged children in the neighborhood of Boyd Elementary School and supports Allen Community Outreach, The Samaritan Inn, Allen Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry, Hammons Missions, Time to Revive, and Missionary to Japan, Rachael Harvey.


We all have our baggage that we walk around in life with. Whether depression, financial needs, doubts, past hurts, habitual sin, or any number of other stresses.
Part of being known and knowing others deeply in a small community of faith is bearing each others burdens. Here at FGC we invite you to enter into a community where you will be known. It is scary…and even messy, but if any church is doing what is supposed to, it should be there to care for its own.
At FGC, the Elders and Pastor are here to walk beside you, no matter what the circumstance. God’s grace is big enough to heal any hurts and so we are here to encourage and point you towards wholeness and healing in Jesus Christ. And where matters go beyond our means or capability, we want to point you to resources that can help.

Children & Youth

No doubt, if you have kids at home of any age, you are wondering: How will my children and youth grow in faith and Christlikeness? And that is a question we take seriously.
While we don’t have big bands, expensive equipment, and videos capturing their every move, we think that is actually not a bad thing.
Here at FGC we have a congregation of people who deeply care about seeing our kids grow in faith and thrive in life. Using a team approach, we believe that the saying, “it takes a village,” has never been more relevant. And so, from Sunday mornings, throughout the week, and beyond, members of the congregation seek to show up to support our families in their church and community involvement.
And…if you have little ones, child care is available during the service for children through age 4. 

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