Why Our Church

We believe in caring for each other’s needs and spurring each other on toward love and good works in the name of Jesus. On Sunday’s, people come in anything from a suit to a t-shirt and shorts. We do not care what attire you prefer to wear to church just as long as you come. Our desire is to continue to grow the bonds of our love toward one another and invite you and others to join our family. We realize that everyone is broken and in Jesus we are made whole again. 
Everything we do is to exalt Jesus. We want to proclaim the gospel in every aspect of our service. Our service is intentionally structured to call your attention to worship, sing praises of who God is and what He has done in Jesus, remind the believer of his forgiveness in Jesus, read from God’s Word, pray the Lord’s Prayer, proclaim the gospel in partaking of communion, and exalt Jesus through the faithful preaching of the Word of God.



--- Leadership

Shea Walls
Lead Pastor
Gary Rodenbaugh
Randy Sandifer
Glen Williams